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Cargo Van

The standard cargo van on average can hold about 200 cubic feet of space, great for a small studio move, supplies or a large item. One Way Cargo Van

20 Foot Moving Truck

On average a 20 foot long moving truck holds about 1000 cubic feet of household goods, one to two bedrooms. 20 Foot Moving Truck

24 Foot Moving Truck

The 24 foot truck is one of the most popular moving truck out there, it can hold about 1500 cubic feet of furniture, great for an out of state move. Men With a Moving Truck

26 Foot Moving Truck

With a large capacity of almost 1700 cubic feet, the 26 foot truck is the perfect vehicle for a cross country move. 26 Foot Moving Truck

53 Foot Semi Truck

Long distance movers use a semi truck with a 53 foot trailer that can hold about 3800 cubic feet of cargo, great for large size moves. 53 Foot Semi Moving Truck Moving Van Lines

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Studio Move

The average studio move takes no more than 2-3 hours, two men and a van are perfect for this type of move.

Studio Move

One Bedroom Move

Moving a one bedroom local around town can be done with 2-3 men and a small moving truck, it will take 4-5 hours.

One Bedroom Move

Two Bedroom Move

For a 2 bedroom move 3 movers and a truck will be required, on average it will take 6-7 hours.

2 Bedroom Move

Three Bedroom Move

Hiring local movers to move a three bedroom home will take 3-4 men, and it will take a good part of the day, 6-9 hours with a 24 foot truck.

3 Bedroom Move

Four Bedroom Move

Moving a four bedroom home locally is a task that takes a full day, 3-4 men and a truck will get the job done.

4 Bedroom Move

FAQ about long distance movers.

How much does it cost to move cross country?

The cost to move cross country depends on the size of a move, the distance between the pickup location to the destination, moving supplies needed and the date of your move, an average 2 bedroom can cost between $3500.00 to $6500.00 and a 3 bedroom out of state move can cost well over $7500.00 door to door.

What is the cheapest way to ship furniture?

The cheapest way to ship furniture from state to state is to piggy back your furniture with a moving company that has empty space on their truck, sometimes it could be only 300 cubit feet of space and sometimes it could be have a truck, that’s why comparing moving quotes online is very important, you never know which moving company needs to fill up an empty spot.

What is the phone number of a long distance moving company?

The toll free number for a long distance moving company is 1-800-240-1572. our friendly agents will connect you with a long distance moving company nearby.

What is considered a long distance move?

a long distance move also known as an interstate move is when a moving company hauls furniture over a state line, a move within the same state is considered a local move also known as an intrastate move.

How much does it cost to store furniture short term?

Moving to a new home might require some storage needs, pending on how much storage is needed storage units range from a 5X5 which is around 25 sq. ft. to a 10X30 which can hold up to 300 sq. ft of household goods, some moving companies might offer 30 days Free storage with a move, make sure you ask prior to booking.

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Moving Van Lines

Moving Van Lines

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Moving Checklist

No matter the size of a move, a good moving checklist saves time and money.

Moving Checklist

Moving Supplies

Before you run out and buy moving supplies, ask your moving company for some free supplies.

Moving Supplies

Taking Inventory

Take pictures of your inventory, send them to your moving company for an accurate estimate.

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New home not ready yet? ask your local moving company about 30 days free storage.

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Small Moves

Moving less than a studio? hire a small move specialist for tiny moves.

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Compare affordable international movers, door to door shipping services worldwide.

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